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Badet Law – Best Full Service Boutique Law Firm in Romania

Bucharest, 25 January 2016

Corporate INTL_Global_Awards_WinnerWe are excited to let you know that we have just received confirmation that Badet Law was awarded the Best Full Service Boutique Law Firm of 2015 in Romania. The award comes to show us that what we are on the right track, providing quality service to our clients and being recognized by peers as one of Romania’s best law practices.

The legal services industry is changing, with clients demanding more specialized attention, a flexible approach of their legal issues and timely responses to match an accelerating pace of business and life. What they find here at Badet Law is a team of well-trained attorneys focused on delivering these key promises. Our small team stays focused and we use our backgrounds in large corporate firms to our advantage while staying flexible enough to deliver excellent client care.

We are careful to treat each and every legal issue we are presented with the most care and dedication and this shows daily in client satisfaction and now and again in awards such as this one granted by the international industry publication Corporate INTL.

This award comes to complement past individual awards our attorneys have received, such as Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners, and the firm’s first award for Best Boutique Full Service Law Firm of 2014, awarded by Global Law Experts in 2015.

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